Statement by Afzal Khan about his election as an MEP for the North West.

Dear All,AK MEP

Thanks to all your support, I was elected as an MEP for the North West on Thursday 22nd May. The Labour Party topped the Euro polls in the North West, and the BNP’s racist leader, Nick Griffin, has officially been kicked out! Of the 8 North West Euro seats, Labour won 3 with 34% of the votes. Labour just missed the 4th seat. We may have kicked the BNP out, but we now have the threat of UKIP, another far right, racist, Islamophobic party, on the horizon. Should UKIP be elected into British government next year, the Muslim community and other minority groups could be openly targeted.

It is vital that Labour wins the General Elections next year.

I urge everyone to start spreading the word from now that voting is no longer a choice for us – it’s an absolute must if we want a diverse, inclusive and prosperous Britain.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone that supported and voted for Labour. I promise that in Brussels, I, together with my Labour colleagues Theresa Griffin and Julie Ward, will stand up for the rights and needs of all our communities living here in the North West and will fight against all injustices both domestic and abroad.

I would also like to thank Unite the Union and GMB for backing my candidacy and making our campaign possible.

If there is any way in which I can assist you with anything, please do feel free to contact me.

In faith and solidarity,